Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to planning for retirement and protecting your hard-earned nest egg, you want — and deserve — both honesty and clarity. The stronger your grasp of the process, products and people involved, the better positioned you will be to make the right decisions about your future. Look here for straight answers to questions you’re likely to face as you sort through all your retirement planning options.

Working With an RHQ Financial Professional

What's the importance of a second opinion?

Do I have enough?

Is my information safe?

Retirement advice questions

How are financial and insurance professionals compensated?

Will there be hard feelings if I don't choose to work with RHQ?

Thoughts about changes while preparing for retirement

Can I build my own retirement income strategy using annuities?

Getting a Financial Analysis

What information do I need to provide?

What will I receive with a financial analysis?

How much time will this take?

Questions About Annuities

Where is the money in an asset such as an annuity held?

What are the tax ramifications of selling an asset like an annuity?

How secure are insurance companies for my retirement?

What happens to my annuity contract when I die?

What’s the best to compare annuity rates?

What’s the ideal age at which to purchase an annuity for maximum average retirement income?

How do I go about purchasing an annuity?

How can I learn more about annuity fees?

Why does it seem like the rates of return offered with annuities change frequently?

Annuity interest rate FAQ

How do I calculate the future value of my fixed annuity when the interest is compounded continuously?

Can you give an example of how a market-value adjustment works in a fixed annuity?

What does point-to-point mean in an indexed annuity?

Changing Financial Professionals or Advisors

Why might I receive different advice?

How do I go about switching from one retirement investing professional to another?

What happens if my independent agent leaves the business?

What are the tax ramifications of having a new advisor handling my assets?

Questions About Taxes and Tax Strategies

When do I pay taxes on a 401(k)?

What is a 401(k) profit-sharing plan?

Are stock market losses tax deductible?

Are Roth IRA earnings taxed?

Are Roth IRA contributions tax deductible?

Can I withdraw money from my retirement annuity, and what fees might I face for doing so?

Can I make ongoing contributions to a fixed annuity after buying one with an initial lump sum?

How does commission-based financial planning affect how I pay for retirement advising services?

What types of fees should I expect in my retirement account?

Questions About Retirement

What is the full retirement age to collect Social Security benefits?

Should I purchase an annuity before I retire or after?

Can retirees contribute to an IRA?

How much do I need to save for retirement if I want to retire early?

Which is better for my retirement plan: a 401(k), IRA, or Roth IRA?

How long should I plan to live in retirement?

Will full retirement age increase and should I be planning for that in my retirement account?

Would using my retirement savings to pay off debts be a suitable option?

How much risk is acceptable in a retirement account?

Do deferred annuities make sense for late retirement planning?

When will the Federal Reserve interest rate go up, and how will that impact my retirement savings?

Questions About Stocks and Bonds

How do bonds generate income for investors?

Questions About Stock Market and Investments

What is the difference between stocks and bonds?

What are index funds and how do they work?

Can I owe money on a stock that I’ve purchased from a company that crashes or goes bankrupt?

How do I assess a stock's level of risk and potential return?

What method is best for building a stock portfolio for beginners?

How likely is the stock market to crash, and how can I help protect my retirement portfolio?

What is a bear market, and how will that impact my retirement savings?

What is a bull market, and how will that impact my retirement savings?

What does it mean when a company gives you stock options, and how do they work?

Is options trading a good idea for late retirement planning?

Questions About Retirement Lifestyle

Can retirees contribute to an IRA?

What happens if I deplete my retirement account before I die and what retirement drawdown strategies can I use to avoid this?

When do I have to take required minimum distributions (RMD) from my IRA?

How much risk is acceptable in a retirement account?

Questions About Building Your Portfolio

How can I use mutual funds in retirement investing?

What is a bank CD account and how does it work for retirement planning?

Is a money market account a savings account or a retirement account?

What investments pay dividends, and are these investments good for retirement planning?

Questions About Income Strategies

What funds can I use to purchase an annuity, and am I permitted to use funds from multiple accounts?

Is a deferred annuity the same as a pension?

Questions About Health and Personal Wellness

What happens to my pension if I die before retirement age?


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