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Staying Active in Retirement

There are many mistakes you can make as you prepare to enter retirement. That’s one reason many people suggest you sit down with a professional before you retire. But one thing people often overlook when they leave their jobs is that they are walking away from their existing network of friends and colleagues without considering…

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Saving for your child’s tuition without sacrificing your retirement

We love our children. Most of us would do anything for them. That includes saving for or paying for their college tuition, even if it means sacrificing a retirement lifestyle we may want and deserve. There’s no doubt about it, college tuition is expensive. It’s so expensive these days that it’s not uncommon for young…

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Five Things That Can Wreck Your Retirement

It’s not uncommon these days for retirement to last as long (if not longer) than our working careers. That means it’s critically important to make the right decisions because a few mistakes or missteps could eat into our retirement savings. And that’s a problem since most of us haven’t saved enough to begin with. Nearly…

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Oct 1, 2015

Three Options to Supplement Your Retirement Income

People have a natural fear of the unknown and retirement is certainly full of unknowns. When you’re younger, you may look forward to the time when you’ll no longer have to spend your days in the nine to five grind, but as that time approaches, you may be surprised to discover just how financially unprepared…

9 Common Retirement Mistakes

What are some of the most common mistakes people make when it comes to preparing for retirement income? If you ask financial professionals, there is no shortage of items for this list. And the same mistakes come up repeatedly. What’s important here, though, is that even though the people who made these mistakes can’t go…

Are Bonds Risky For Retirees?

The question of bonds being risky for retirees may seem backwards to the many people who believe stock exposure is what they should be leery about. Well, they aren’t totally wrong. Stocks are risky, but bonds can be as well, and a lack of understanding about bond risks might derail a retirement income plan. So…

Having Peace of Mind with Professional Financial Advice

To keep your car fit to drive, you rely on a mechanic. To design a new home, you enlist an architect. With nothing less than your future and your financial well-being at stake, shouldn’t you turn to a professional retirement advisor or licensed insurance professional to be sure you’re well-positioned to enjoy retirement on your…

Bonds and Annuities: Options to Cover Your Retirement Expenses

According to a recent Wells Fargo/Gallup survey,1 almost half of investors interviewed are concerned about outliving their assets. It’s not hard to understand why this concern is so prevalent; running short of retirement funds can result in cutting back on spending or other changes in lifestyle. Fortunately, there are two popular financial products—bonds and annuities—that retirees…

DOW Drops almost 2000 Points in One Week: Were Your Investments Impacted?

We’ve written before about stock market risk and whether or not it may be more than retirees want to handle. A clear example of this took place the week of August 18th-25th, when the Dow lost almost 2000 points. What happened this time around? Some look to the fact that China devalued their currency to…

Rolling Over or Transferring Your 401(k) Assets: Key Advantages and Disadvantages

Inertia is a powerful force. Even if we are unhappy with the status quo, apprehensiveness about change or the unknown can prevent us from taking action, especially in matters of finance where the stakes are so high. We’ve seen that the decision to roll over a 401(k) into a self-directed IRA or annuity stirs doubts…

Social Security: Is it Working for Retirees but Risky for Young Workers?

The Social Security program was established in the 1930s to help retirees avoid the poverty associated with the Great Depression. One of the program’s key goals was to ensure at least one guaranteed source of income that retirees could rely upon for necessities like food and shelter. The program remains fully intact today, although concerns…

Sequence of Return Risk: How Can This Impact Your Retirement?

Have you ever considered the impact that the order of your investment returns, also known as sequence of return, can have on your retirement savings? Sequence of return risks are often overlooked during retirement income planning, but they can erode your assets if you aren’t careful. Below are some key sequence of return risk explanations and suggestions to keep…

Retirement Income

Concerned about your finances during retirement? You are not alone. According to a 2015 survey by TIAA-CREF, 46% of Americans are concerned about running short of money in retirement.1 When it comes to your financial future, running short of money is not an acceptable outcome. You should have the assurance that the money you’ve worked…